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The Team

Be the strength you wish to see in the world



Head Trainer & Sales Lead

Kaley is loved by many for her kind personality and encouragement in the training room. As a human physiology grad, Kaley is skilled at targeting specific muscles. She is a valued team member and can be found at both Kensington and Willow Park Village studios, where she also serves as sales lead. With Kaley you will improve your mind-to-muscle connection and boost confidence with every workout focused on perfecting form, building strength, and pushing beyond limits.


Kirei Yasunori

Founder & CEO

Kirei founded Evolved in November 2013 with a mission to build strong, healthy bodies. With a lifetime career in fitness, martial arts, and yoga, she has coached thousands of students and clients. Kirei values real health and believes strength training is the most powerful tool for maintaining a high quality of life and aging-positively. Leading the team at Evolved, she aims to leave clients feeling strong and confident in their overall health.

Alanna Driscoll

Managing Director

Alanna is Evolved's Managing Director. She is a strong advocate for strength training as a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Alanna handles day-to-day operations, oversees hiring and training, and constantly seeks to improve the business. With a background in commercial gyms, she values Evolved Strength's focus on exercise as a health service and not an aesthetic. Alanna provides knowledgeable and compassionate leadership for the team.


Office Manager

Growing up on a ranch outside of Claresholm, Dakota knows the value of hard work.  Now graduated and a registered kinesiologist, Dakota is an excellent addition to the Evolved family in the studio and behind the scenes as our Administrative Manager. She is incredibly knowledgeable and values detail and accuracy in everything she does.  


Trainer - Kensington

Jill is a fun, yet detail-oriented trainer who brings compassion, intensity, and precision to every workout. She is always looking for new challenges and embraces the learning experience, you can find Jill trying a new style of yoga, out walking her pup Homer, and spending quality time with the people she loves. With her precise training approach, Jill pushes her clients safely and effectively to improve their form and reach their goals.



Trainer - Willow Park Village

Heather’s rigorous yoga teacher training allows her to give very specific cues to help you activate muscles that have gone to sleep. Training with Heather greatly enhances your mind-to-muscle connection. She does not miss a thing about form and specializes in breath work. Your safety is her primary concern, working with her encouraging and focused energy is a sure way to finish your workout worry-free!



Trainer - Kensington

Dudley, a retired high school teacher and behavioural specialist, brings 35 years of experience and a passion for teaching to his role at Evolved Strength. With a background in outdoor survival skills and Karate, he offers precise and detail-oriented workouts. Despite a tough exterior, Dudley has a kind heart and is deeply committed to health and fitness, inspired by his mother's battle with cancer. In his free time, Dudley enjoys the outdoors, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his cat, Lola.



Trainer - Kensington

Lucas is a caring trainer who will push you to your limits and make you feel accomplished after every workout. With a passion for sports and a background in physiology, he helps clients focus on the right muscles. Expect to build a relationship with Lucas as he helps you reach your full strength. As a Physical Literacy student at Mount Royal University, Lucas is constantly learning and seeking ways to give back to the community, including through his volunteer work with children with disabilities.

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