• Alanna Driscoll

Remembrance Day Reflection – Too Much Food and Detox

I hope you had time this day to reflect on our immense good fortune to live in a free society.  Past sacrifices made for the sake of this freedom allow us unprecedented liberty.  We are a blessed and privileged citizenry for sure.

In fact, we live in so much food abundance that I now find myself with the privilege of part taking in a 21 day sugar detox with the super fantastic people at Intrinsi Osteopath clinic.  I will keep you posted on the progress; we are on day 4 and I do not feel too much detox as I am not terribly sugar addicted.  My hope is to become more clearly “fat-adapted”, ie. my body uses fat efficiently as fuel and does not rely on sugar hits for energy.  

I’d like to keep sustained high energy, alertness and “happier” moods throughout my days.  That is an indicator of a fat-adapted body, as is, of course, lower body fat!  

The workout radically modifies our body’s metabolic wellness.  It is not something you see right away but your muscles being drained regularly of glycogen through the intense workout means that the blood sugar that is in your system goes to replenish that fuel and not to body fat!  This is hugely important for the healing of the metabolism.  This is why clients who come in with metabolic issues such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance heal or significantly improve their conditions after training for 12 months.  

Metabolic disorders are a leading cause of excess body weight.  

Healing the metabolism in this way is the first step towards creating a high level of health and excellent body composition (ie. the right amount of body fat).

Keep draining your muscles of glycogen regularly.  (no other exercise can do this as safely and effectively)

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