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Owner & Founder

Kirei’s mission is building strong, healthy bodies.  She has coached 1000’s students and clients during her lifetime career in fitness, martial arts and yoga.   Kirei’s #1 core value is real health.  She is passionate about offering strength training as the most powerful anti-aging tool available.  With absolute trust in her staff, she is confident that you will leave your workout feeling strong and knowing you’ve done something incredible for your body and overall health.


Managing Director

As Evolved Strength’s full-time operations manager and the Kelowna location’s owner, Alanna is a top advocate for our strength training protocol as fundamental to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Based in Kelowna, she handles day to day operations at all of our locations,
oversees hiring and training, and is always exploring new ways to evolve the business. Whether offering support, training, and guidance to our team or laying groundwork for business expansion, Alanna definitely has a full plate. Starting her health and fitness career in commercial gyms, she knows how damaging traditional gym culture can be both to mental and physical wellbeing. Alanna loves Evolved Strength’s emphasis on listening to and feeling good in your body. Alanna’s relocation to Kelowna not only established Evolved Strength’s expansion out west, but was also an exploration of her personal growth. Born and raised in Calgary, she was beginning to feel that Calgary was becoming too big of a city for her liking. She is grateful for the opportunity that came with the business expansion. At Evolved Strength we are thrilled to have Alanna to look to for guidance and leadership, as she steers both with a knowledgable and compassionate hand.



Administrative Manager

Growing up on a ranch outside of Claresholm, Dakota knows the value of hard work.  Now graduated and a registered kinesiologist, Dakota is making Calgary her more permanent home, and is an excellent addition to the Evolved family.  Dakota confidently states that her life’s passion is health and wellness.  Applying this mentality into her own life, she has always stayed active and knew she wanted to study kinesiology for a long time.  
Dakota loves Evolved because the protocol is cutting edge and unlike anything she has ever done before.  She loves getting to that deep level of fatigue that is only possible in our studio, and feels more confident after every workout session.  Dakota is incredibly knowledgeable and values precise form above all else.  Her direction in the training room is pointed and intense.  You will feel safe and pushed to your limits with her confident training style.


Trainer - Kensington

When you train with Kaley, her direct encouragement will push you to your limits, showing how capable and strong you really are.  As a human physiology student, Kaley is exceptionally talented at targeting your focus at a specific muscle.  Feel your mind-to-muscle connection improve with every visit.  Boost your confidence with every single workout with perfecting your form, honing your strength, and taking yourself further than you thought possible.



Trainer - Kensington

Jill loves to try new activities for the challenge and learning experience. Jill will meet you in the training room with compassion, intensity, and precision. You will find working with a detail-oriented person such as Jill will benefit your form and workouts greatly. Her precise training approach is tough, but safe.


Trainer - Willow Park Village

Heather’s rigorous yoga teacher training allows her to give very specific cues to help you activate muscles that have gone to sleep. Training with Heather greatly enhances your mind-to-muscle connection. She does not miss a thing about form and specializes in breath work. Your safety is her primary concern, working with her encouraging and focused energy is a sure way to finish your workout worry-free!



Trainer - Kensington

As a former athlete and now turned coach, Layton has a strong understanding of the importance of overall strength and health both in life and recreation. Growing up on a farm south of Calgary, Layton knows how to work hard and doesn’t expect anything less in the workout! He is currently completing his degree in Sports & Recreation Management at Mount Royal University. With his years of coaching experience and friendly personality, Layton is ready to give you a safe, effective, and comprehensive workout that will have you looking forward to getting back in the studio week after week. He strives to ensure his clients feel their best mentally and physically after each workout.


Trainer - Kensington

Ashleigh hopes that with her fierce compassion and support, clients feel supported through those final moments before and during complete muscular fatigue. With Ashleigh, your safety is top priority during your workout. She hopes that everyone can leave feeling like they couldn’t have given anything else in that room.



Trainer - Kensington

Dudley recently retired from a 35 year career as a high school behavioural specialist and english teacher.  Over the years he also instructed hundreds of students in outdoor survival skills and thousands of students in Karate.  Teaching and coaching is a passion for Dudley and his students will attest, it’s his zone of genius. Evolved clients will find that a workout with Dudley has detail and precision.  He may sound hard around the edges but rest assured Dudlely also has a huge heart and a deep kindness for everyone.  His commitment to health and fitness started early in life as he observed his mother navigate cancer over the course of his childhood.  Dudley is an avid outdoorsman, enjoys riding his motorbike, and has a cat named Lola.


Trainer - Kensington

Lucas’ training makes you leave your workout feeling accomplished and pushed. He is driven to ensure you are put through an intense yet encouraged exercise. With his love for sports and education in physiology, Lucas is exceptional in helping clients feel the correct muscles on each machine. Lucas is one to make connections with people he works with, expect to build a relationship with him as he pushes you to reach your full strength. As an eager student in Physical Literacy at Mount Royal University, Lucas is ready to expand his knowledge and continue to learn and grow within the health and fitness industry. Lucas has found his volunteer work with children with disabilities greatly rewarding and is always seeking ways to give back to the community.



Trainer - Willow Park Village

Quenten mastered the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ at a young age, enjoying summers at the family cabin as well as working hard to achieve his educational & athletic goals. A true prairie boy, Quenten grew up in Calgary, spent his summers in Northern Saskatchewan, & completed his Kinesiology degree at the University of Lethbridge. Don’t let his positive attitude & polite nature fool you, a workout with Quenten is guaranteed to be challenging in order to get maximum benefits. You’ll leave the training room feeling accomplished & pushed for the better. When he isn’t at the studio, you can find him playing guitar, spending time with family, or playing sports with friends. Quenten joined the Evolved team in August 2022 & aspires to become an Osteopath. His favourite aspect of the workout is how quickly he can get a full body workout in & the increased confidence he feels outside of the studio.



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