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Bloating, Inflammation, or Fat

How is the bloating, inflammation, or fat challenge of the month? Have you discovered any foods that are causing bloating? Have digestive enzymes helped?

The other nutrition piece we are exploring this month is inflammation or specifically systemic inflammation.

Some of the symptoms of systemic inflammation are:

1. craving carbohydrates

2. continuous fatigue

3. being overweight

4. high cholesterol

5. high blood pressure

6. waking up groggy

7. brittle fingernails

8. looking and feeling puffy

Some of the major contributors that lead to chronic inflammation are toxicity, insufficient Omega-3 intake, excessive Omega-6 intake, stress, lack of sleep and poor gut health.

You may notice that certain foods and alcohol cause inflammation for you.

So have a look in the mirror. Do you look puffy – are your eyes and cheeks puffy? Are your rings tighter after a night of alcohol or a stressful period in your life? Do you have a puffy muffin top that doesn’t feel like fat.

This month check into Omega-3’s at your health food store. Fish or krill oil can dramatically reduce inflammation. Tumeric and Vitamin D may be of benefit as well.

If you would like to know if inflammation is an issue for you, have your doctor check you for C Reactive Protein.

As always, support yourself to get that 8 hours of sleep per night.

The challenge of the month is:

1. Start taking Omega-3

2. Have your inflammation measured.

3. Ask your practitioner about or google supplements that help with inflammation.

4. Notice and reduce the foods and alcohol that cause inflammation.

Remember, it’s the seemingly small daily habits that add up to a healthier body and will ultimately be reflected in your healthy body weight. Excess body weight and excess fat are symptoms of something out of balance in your overall health. It may take some time for you to find it and then heal it but getting to know your body is worth it. Be patient with yourself and keep celebrating the small steps.

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