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Calgary restaurants prove that nutritious can be delicious!

I recently found a twitter account that features healthy restaurants in Calgary. I was pretty excited about this. Eating at popular restaurants is sometimes difficult, as they do not have a wide selection of healthy meals that will leave you feeling full. Luckily, this twitter account also has an entire website that archives healthy eats all across Canada! Below I’ll list a few of the Calgary restaurants, but I would definitely recommend this website to everyone!

  1. The Market Restaurant – This restaurant came up a lot on the archives for healthy eating Calgary. Plates such as tuna salad and kale salad, they offer complimentary tastes with an artistic touch. They also support sustainable, local, and fresh ingredients. What’s not to love?

  2. Yummi Yogi’s – Yummi Yogi’s is not technically a restaurant, but a food truck that is available in the Spring to Autumn months. However, they definitely deserve a mention. They serve refreshing, hydrating, and nutrient-packed drinks, as well as salads that will keep you going all day!

  3. Community Foods Salad Bar – If you’re always on the go, and need something quick and easy, try the Community Foods salad bar. It has endless combinations of salads for you so you will never get bored.

  4. Original Joe’s West Coast Chop Salad – Original Joe’s is a very popular restaurant and is difficult to avoid. Luckily there are absolutely DELICIOUS salads, such as the West Coast Chop. Their Cobb Salad is amazing if you are looking for something a little more filling and packed with protein.

  5. The Coup -We promote healthy lean grass fed meat as the easiest way to fulfill your protein needs, but the Coup also offers beautiful surroundings, a delicious offering, and staff that are gentle, caring and fun people.

  6. Notable – This farm-to-table restaurant is a little bit of a splurge, but definitely worth it. Handcrafted, thought out, and sustainable meals just for you.

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