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Intermittent Fasting to Curb Cravings and Promote Fat Burning

Have you tried intermittent fasting? How did it go? Did you feel hungry or were you surprised by feeling less cravings or focus on food?

Here is a quote from a recent article from Dr Mercola on intermittent fasting (IT):

Scientists are also examining the way fasting affects cellular and mitochondrial function, and longevity.

They’ve found the cells in your body react to fasting in much the same way as they do to exercise. In other words, when placed under stress — be it exercise or fasting–the reaction creates changes at the cellular level that helps extend your lifespan.1

For starters, fasting shifts your body from using glucose as its primary fuel to fat, and being an efficient fat-burner benefits your health beyond weight loss.

The link to the whole article:

(I have no idea why his links are so long!)

We humans thrive on some feast and some famine! Food over abundance and continual feasting has caused modern humans many health issues.

Enjoy the pleasures of a feast with your family this weekend, including some healthy, dark chocolate Easter bunnies. (enjoy high quality dark chocolate as it is actually nutritious and avoid from the low quality confections)

Then try time-restricted feeding. Your body loves the contrast!

Happy Easter from your fans and cheerleaders at Evolved Health.

Enjoy your celebrations and extra time off this weekend.

Spiral your health upwards with easy, small steps that add up.

Elevate your health! (one small step at a time)

Evolve your life! (in leaps and bounds)

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