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Posture and Breathing

January’s Evolved Health theme is posture and breathing.

Why focus on posture and breathing in the month when everyone is in a frenzy to lose that 10 pounds gained over the last year?

Because we are seeking to gradually add the inputs that over time will lead to health and ideal weight.

At Evolved Health, we want to continually support you to implement and keep the small changes that are sustainable so that health and ideal weight are the natural by-products of your increasingly healthy lifestyle that is easily incorporated and maintained. It becomes a natural default.

It’s a place to start that is doable (all day long) and we will reinforce it every week during your workout.

Improving posture and breathing can have incredible impacts on health:

Improve one and the other will naturally improve the other.

You will feel better, look better and perform better in every sense of the word.

Good posture facilitates breathing.

Your focus and ability to get things done will improve. (more O2 in your brain)

Your confidence will increase. Your cortisol levels will actually decrease with better posture. (see Amy Cuddy TEdx talk)

You will increase assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins through a healthier digestive and respiratory system.

Your stress levels and stress hormones will decrease.

All of these changes are essential to move into your healthy weight.

Evolved Health Challenge for the month:

1. Notice when you are holding your breath or shallow breathing.

Take a deep belly breath (yes, feel your belly expand!) As you exhale, relax your shoulders and any other part of your body that is holding tension. Lift your chest and widen across your collarbones. If you are sitting, shift yourself forward on to your sitting bones instead of slumping and having the C-shaped lower back.

Simple. Life changing. Just do it.

If you are really keen, set your timer for a once per hour reminder!

2. Watch or read one or more of the following to learn more:

(great, simple instructions on how to belly breathe)

(in person posture training available in Calgary)

Let us know how it goes!!

We are cheering you on to great health, energy and happiness!

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