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Relieve and Heal Muscle and Joint Pain at Evolved Health

You’ve had enough. Your muscles and joints have ached for months, years or maybe even decades. Sharp pain, dull or achy pain, shooting pain, infrequent pain or pain pretty much all the time. Back pain, neck pain, hip pain, you name it pain.

Evolved Health clients report a huge improvement in joint and muscle pain, some of them even after only a few weeks of the strengthening workout. So why is that? When your muscles are balanced stronger from the EH workout, you use them correctly and stop overusing your joints. At the same time, your posture improves, so your nervous system functions better. The joints have more tissue around them alleviating bone on bone or cartilage issues. The joints are stronger which reduces the occurrence of injury. Finally, with more muscle, even if an accident occurs, the trauma is lessened.

During weight lifting, you intensively pump your blood into your entire body. The oxygenated blood heals your body and relieves your pain. Soon you realize that you feel better, use painkillers less and have fewer chiropractor visits.

Do you have a friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor or enemy complaining of muscle and joint pain? Tell them to call 403-244-1377 to book a free consultation to find out if Evolved Health is for them.

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