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Simple Daily Detox Habits

Spring is traditionally a time for a detox program. For some this is associated as a daunting task of 3 or 7 or 30 days of drinking horrible shakes, taking weird herbs and depriving self of life’s pleasurable foods.

There is certainly merit to an intensive spring body detox as we are inundated with chemicals that affect our well being. What if you could incorporate elements of detoxing into your daily and weekly routine and forego the BIG, intimidating program?

In some ways our theme/challenge of the month always addresses detox. So far we have covered posture, breathing, sleep and fasting. All of the small changes in these past 4 months are detoxing.

Let’s take it further with some new ideas to pull into your daily routine

Remember that the small things daily over time create lasting success.

This month implement 4 or 5 of the following simple detox daily habits:

1. Go for a lymph massage and sweat out your toxins while relaxing at Elanna and the gals will take excellent care of you.

2. Hydrate with 500 mls of filtered water with lemon or apple cider vinegar each morning for the month.

3. Walk – get a device or app to track your steps, aim for 10,000 steps per day 4+ days per week.

4. Have a cup of Detox Blend tea from our Kensington neighbor Jonathon’s tea shop

5. Epsom baths – relax into a great source of magnesium several nights a week and especially after your workout. ¼ cup is all you need in a tub of water.

6. Yoga or qigong. Its everywhere. Try a class or two this month. Stretch yourself!

For an “energy healing” workout try Spring Forest Qi Gong

7. Add fibre – Yep, healthy pooping is an easy detox, essential to health. Especially if you have reduced fruit and grain carbs, make sure you are getting enough fibre. Chia seeds in a probiotic drink like coconut keifer is amazing. Kevita is available at Community and Sunnyside markets.

8. Organic food- add a new organic food to your diet this month. Spagetti squash cooked or raw is an excellent replacement for pasta or rice with chili, sauces, curry, etc.

9. Nature – make a point of getting outside, taking some deep breaths of fresh air and hugging the trees or at least imagining hugging them if you are just not a tree hugger.

10. Emotional detox – Let it go eh? Old resentment, fear, guilt, shame is toxic!

11. Gratitude journal: Its the simplest thing you can do to start your day happy! Happy is the antithesis of toxic and gratitude sets the stage for so much goodness in your life.

12. Deep breathing. Just take a deep breath and sigh your exhale out of your mouth right now. Great, do that every time you think of it all day long and you have a excellent detox health habit.

13. Of course, eat a whole foods diet. More veggies, less processed anything. Try one of our local vegetable juice companies. Our neighbours are at

14. Inventory and replace the most toxic cleaning products that you have in the house.

15. Research further detox ideas:

Your workout is a detox event each week. Your breathing, heart, lymph are all stimulated. Many of our clients comment on how they feel cleaned out by the workout.

Keep adding healthy detox habits; you have the power to take charge of your health in simple, sustainable ways.

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