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Adequate replenishing rest is essential for optimum health and weight management.

This month at Evolved Health our theme is sleep.

Sleep determines how much you eat, what foods you crave and if your body stores or burns the calories.

Sufficient, restorative sleep is the best way to metabolize stress hormones like cortisol. It is the time when the strength and muscle is built and human growth hormone secreted.

Insufficient quality and quantity of sleep impairs mood, concentration, memory and decision-making due to the frontal cortex being compromised.

Aging is accelerated as human growth hormone production falls and cortisol levels increase.

Hunger signals rise (ghrelin), satiety decreases (leptin). Insulin de-sensitivity occurs causing weight gain.

Depression is more likely and exacerbated when underslept.

You can acclimate to inadequate sleep levels but your performance, health and weight management will all suffer.

Challenge of the month:

Implement at least 2 of the following to improve sleep.

1. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier every week for the whole month.

2. Stay off devices one hour before bed to wind down your brain activity.

3. Turn the thermostat down to 15C for night time.

4. Install black out curtains and replace or cover any light sources in your bedroom. (even clock radio)

5. Be out in the sun during the day for 30 minutes minimum to increase serotonin (the happy energy hormone)

6. Turn your lights lower at night and install a blue light filter app on your devices to increase melatonin.(the sleepy relaxation hormone)

7. Eat a small healthy carbohydrate snack an hour before bed. (soothes your nervous system system) My personal favorite is hot lemon with local raw honey.

8. Consider a new bed made by client/friend and awesome bed builder, Christian at:

Spiral your health upwards with easy, small steps that add up.

Elevate your health! (one small step at a time)

Evolve your life! (in leaps and bounds)

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