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Surprise! You Have A Different Trainer

We know our workout is tough. We do it ourselves! It is short, but hard, and sometimes getting to the studio willing to give it everything you got can feel nearly impossible alongside all your daily tasks. However, you show up at the same time every week to see your regular trainer there waiting for you, and it seems a little less impossible. We trainers at Evolved know how important the trainer aspect is to this challenging workout. Not even we go through an Evolved workout without another trainer there coaching us.

So the surmounting panic you feel when you pull up to the studio and your usual trainer is not there, but it is someone else is, is completely understandable. How are you supposed to get the best workout possible with someone you haven't worked with before? How will they know how to get you to that muscular failure point during your workout the same safe way your regular trainer does? How will the new trainer know how to navigate any limitations you might have, and will you have to explain them all again?

The 15 minutes goes by, you give it your all, and at the end you are… surprised? During your workout with a different trainer, you not only managed to hit momentary muscular failure on

every machine, but they were able to provide you with some new techniques and even brought a different level of motivation to your workout. Since all of your previous workouts and fitness information are already in your chart, they knew what to do right away. Your workout definitely wasn’t worse than usual like you thought it might be, and you may

have found the different style of training insightful and productive. This isn’t to say it was better, but just different.

Our natural resistance to change does bring up some hesitation when there is variation

to our workout routine, but working with a different trainer can be very beneficial! Our trainers come from a diverse athletic background, and each brings different techniques to the training room. Though the goal and workout is always the same, each trainer adds their own excellence to the studio. From the tone or volume of their voice, to whether they are your cheerleader or drill sergeant, each Evolved trainer has their own unique style. You may expect a more intense and focused workout from our trainers with a martial arts backgrounds, a breath and core-oriented workout from our trainers with backgrounds in yoga, or a gentler and form-focused workout from a trainer becoming an osteopath. The bottom line is that our trainers have something unique and beneficial to bring to your workout.

As much as we don’t like to admit it, small changes in our routines can be very beneficial. As a long term client, you might be surprised that a small adjustment in your Evolved workout (thanks to your stranger trainer), may improve your form or performance. Though you might prefer your workout with a particular person who you've connected with best, you can use these new techniques in your workouts with them.

So the next time your trainer is out sick or on vacation, don’t panic! Remember you are there for the workout and not the trainer. Enjoy approaching your strength training in a different way, and if all else fails, you’ll be able to appreciate your regular trainer even that much more.

Written by Ashleigh Norris

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