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Training Plateaus

Have you hit your first or second training plateau? That is when you feel as if you are no longer making progress and perhaps even backsliding. It is a normal part of the training cycle. It is important to know how to handle these plateaus and handle the feelings of discouragement that comes with them.

1. Realize it’s a natural part of any long term commitment to have peaks, plateaus and even the valleys. (think marriage or oil prices)

2. Feel your body and your strength. Also, feel the parts of yourself you are still not crazy about without any judgement. Simply put attention on your body and congratulate yourself for taking care and having the commitment to being healthy. You have been doing this challenging workout for a period of time and it has greatly enhanced your overall health.

Cultivate acceptance, pride and appreciation for your body.

3. Thank yourself for the mental courage and discipline it takes to do the workout week after week. (we regularly have clients tell us that they have never stuck to an exercise program this long!)

4. Go out and use your muscles to do something fun.

Ski, bike, go to yoga flow or spin, move your furniture. Just run up a flight of stairs and remember when you couldn’t do that. Remind yourself how amazing it is to be so strong!

Last month in Mexico I went kayaking on a lagoon. We were out for about 3 hours; it was relatively easy paddling until the wind came up. As we back paddled into the headwind, I notice the other members of the party were further and further behind while the leader and myself were having a fun impromptu competition of who could get back to shore first. It was a hoot to keep up with and jockey for front with this young, fit man!!

I remembered how great it is to be strong and healthy. Often, during the course of my busy weeks, I do not “have fun with my muscles!”

5. Talk to your trainer, have a look at your chart. Reevaluate your goals and the small action steps you are taking to achieve them. Do you need to increase your walking or low intensity movement? Are there dietary tweaks that will give you more energy and tighten up your waistline? Are you really getting the sleep you need to be at your optimum?

With the foundation of strength through the workout, regular movement throughout your day and small positive health inputs added regularly, you can experience the healthiest, fittest self you have ever been.

This formula is by far the most sustainable, safe and effective way to achieve lasting health and quality aging.

We know of no other exercise protocol that can offer these results over the long term.Let us know how it is going for you. We are happy to give encouragement and help you stay positive through all the cycles of your commitment to health.

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