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Welcome to Winter

Welcome to winter! Who ever was dreaming of a white Christmas got her wish!

We at Evolved Health wish you a holiday that brings meaning and connections with those you love.

For those concerned about weight gain, read the short article below and choose peace over stress as much as you can during this extra-busy season. The key is choosing peace over stress and committing to self care.

Much love,

The EH Family!

December is here.

How can a person not gain that average 4 pounds over Christmas?

Walk as much as you can. Deep breathe as you walk and quiet your mind by thinking about the happy moments that Christmas brings. Pleasant memories and positive thoughts will help your body relax while you are moving it.

Get out walking with friends and relatives as a way to catch up and visit. Your bodies will appreciate the fresh air and connection. Go to a park if possible and use the walk as a mini retreat from the stressful busyness of the season.

Do not mind the extra walk to the store due to so many shoppers! Just take a breath and enjoy the quiet time walking across the parking lot. Look at the sky, the trees, the snow! Appreciate it all as you slow down and feel gratitude for Christmas celebration.

Take a breath and gaze over the mountains of food at the gatherings you attend. Smile as you consider how lucky you are to have so much abundance. Carefully choose the food that you truly want to eat and savor each bite with deep gratitude.

A stressed body holds weight; a stressed mind makes poor choices. Walk, slow down, be mindful and grateful this Christmas. This formula will keep the pounds off and help you will relish this wonderful season of celebration.

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